Story Layer Studio is the culmination of many years of working at some of the top ad agencies in Chicago, working as a full-time freelance design consultant and as the Senior Brand Designer for an international CPG natural foods company.

The Studio combines my knowledge of advertising, design, illustration and project management. The outcome is the freedom to work with many different clients while allowing time for personal side projects. Every client, every project, and every day is a new layer of experience that benefits each project that follows.

One of the absolutely most talented and creative in the ENTIRE Specialty Foods Industry.
— S. Buszka, Madhava Natural Sweeteners

About S. Sutton

I'm a midwesterner that can be described as a story-teller, tiny house enthusiast and a general merry-maker. I have a passion for hand-drawn illustrations, campfire story telling and taking fresh powder turns on my snowboard. When I am not working on my (normal-sized) house, snowboarding or renovating my '91 Shasta motorhome, I spend my time as a self-employed graphic designer and illustrator.

Design StylE

I start every project with my sketchbook, making brainstorming lists, word maps, doodles, thumbnail sketches or wireframes. My favorite projects are the ones where hand-drawn elements remain within the design, or when a final design is an obvious descendent from an initial round of sketches. I work on branding, packaging, web design, marketing materials and have worked on all types of interactive and social media advertising.

A designer with a project management background? That’s unheard of! I need one of those!
— Anyone who's ever hired designers