Long-winded stories can be whittled down to an image. Sketches can portray a user-interface. Drawn gestures can illustrate complex interactions.


Stories told and retold have been honed down to their most succinct version. The punchline and timing perfected. Design is the same. Without knowing your audience, editing and simplifying your design, you could be telling a different story. 

Story Layer Studio is dedicated to presenting and communicating your vision, whether it's through print design, web design or commissioned illustration projects. 



I care about telling stories, telling them visually or around a campfire. I'm from Michigan and live in sunny Colorado. If you want to work together you'll have to enjoy being outdoors (or at least hearing about it!).

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Do you need a ready-to-work contract designer? An illustrator with a flair for humor? I'm open to new design, illustration and consultation challenges. Let's work together to make something feel proud of.

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